Decorative glass panels in Islington, London

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When one of Express Glazing Contractors architectural glass art specialist client's required their decorative glass panel design to be installed in a 18 metre long entrance corridor to a new apartment development in Islington, London; Express were asked to survey for manufacturer and then install these very attractive and valuable processed glass.

The 14 number laminated decorative glass panels varied in width from 500 to 1300mm and height from 2200 to 2800mm and were fitted into channels with back lighting to show the subtle and attractive colour changes as residents of these apartments pass by, producing a light and warm atmosphere to this corridor.

Express Glazing Contractors provided all manufacturing sizes and templates for the glass artist Andrew Moor Associates and processers to work with and also the glazing channels. They also worked with the main contractors and lighting specialists in fitting all this during the building development of this apartment block, to all parties satisfaction.

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