Express Glazing Contractors Ltd for all glass, glazing & applied window films

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One of the largest glazing companies in the UK

Here for all your Glass, Glazing and Applied Window Films requirements, 24-hour emergency repairs, tender work, maintenance contracts, site work, express service, advice & estimates.

Express Glazing Contractors was formed in the late 1970's, and over the years we have had to live up to the name "Express", which being conveniently situated in Central London, allows us to offer a prompt and competitive service.

Express Glazing Contractors experience, together with their products and services, is extensive being built over many years through economics highs and lows, storms, civil disturbances, terrorist attacks, working from the top of the highest buildings, to below ground, whilst providing a professional and rapid service of glass, glazing and applied window film to their diverse range of customers.

From initial enquiries to specifications, Express take over the project or emergency completely and see it through to a satisfactory, reliable and prompt completion. 

Contact us today to request a free no obligation estimate for glass, glazing or applied window film

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